Care instructions:

When possible, spot clean with a damp cloth and hang dry. If your ElectroFur needs complete cleaning, first: REMOVE BATTERY PACK and any ELECTRONICS from the pockets! They easily are removed by unsnapping the connector on the battery pack and electronic boxes. Do not remove any internal wiring.

Hand wash in warm water using only gentle soaps like Woolite. If you have a TOP LOADING washing machine (not front loading) you can place any ElectroFur on Gentle cycle, and spin dry. After cleaning HANG DRY ONLY! IF YOU DRY YOUR ELECTROFUR IN A DRYER, IT WILL BE FOREVER DAMAGED.

Is real animal fur used?

Never. Only the finest faux (fun) furs are used. No animals are harmed for fashion pleasure.

Return Policy:

Please be sure that you want an ElectroFur. An exchange only policy IF you have not worn the garment. Once it has been worn or washed we are unable to accept a return.


Should you ever need a repair for electrical or fabric reasons, you can email us for mailing instructions and our repair charge is $50/hr plus any cost of parts.

Custom orders:

Generally we don’t do custom orders except for our Celebrity Coats. If you have a special request, contact us and we will advise you of availability and costs.

Rechargeable Batteries

We beleive you should be as "green" as possible. Throwing away spent batteries is toxic to the environment, and more expensive than rechargeables. Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing rechargeable 9 volt batteries or AA batteries depending on which type your ElectroFur uses. Typically, the Electro-Booties, Hoodies, and collar-only glowing vests use 9volt batteries. Larger and more complex styles such as Celebrity coats, and other vests use up to 16 aa batteries. Be sure you have at least 2 sets (one set in use and the other set ready to replace during the latter part of the evening).