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In the bottom floor of Sociale, waitresses dressed in lingerie and flirty Santa costumes greeted guests as they entered. It was a night of grand discounts. Three designers presented their wares on black clothed booths: Dori’s Diamonds, Nuage 9, and ElectroFur.

It was a spacious set-up with a very long runway that looped around the room. Unfortunately, only part of the runway leg was properly lit for optimal viewing of the outfits. The rest of the crowd was subjected to a dimly lit fashion performance, which worked out great for Electrofur but was a hindrance for Nuage 9.

Even before the runway show, the crowd took an immediate liking to ElectroFur. Several guests had purchased glowing boas. One woman purchased one for her mother: “She’s 80. She’s going to love it!” Apparently, ElectroFur makes a great gift for people of all ages! When asked about the makings of ElectroFur, David Lee, the designer, kept his lips sealed. “It’s magic” was his only reply and I believe him!

The idea of ElectroFur grew from David’s experience with the Burning Man Festival. "While contemplating the making of a fur type costume for the annual Burning Man event, I was playing around with flexible lighting in my living room. The phone rang. I dropped everything, brushed up against my white faux fur coat and it fell on top of the lighted wire. When I came back and saw the fibers of the fur glowing, that was the genesis of the construction of a full length white faux fur coat.” By implanting a lighting system into the jacket, the glowing attire attracted “onlookers with eyes so wide and jaws dropping with disbelief with what they were witnessing”.

ElectroFur Review!

Check out this write up on ElectroFur! Original article can be found here

ElectroFur Creation

Similar to Nuage 9, ElectroFur is also something I came across recently. It began one day my Facebook friends started to "LIKE" ElectroFur, and advertisement kept popping up on my sidebar. It is not until I finally "met" ElectroFur and found that it is actually local Calgary based. Owners David and Nene created these unique one of a kind "glowing fur" fashion, a novel concept which I haven't heard of. It may sounds a little crazy, but these ElectroFur coats, hats, and scarfs are extremely fun. The glowing affects are battery run, which the creators took approximately 4 years to perfect the science of integrating flexible neon lighting hand woven through the fur.
Don't worry animal activists, ElectroFur uses faux fur materials and are 100% handmade in Canada, which is something I am extremely proud of. I especially like the leopard prints "glowing fur hats", it is something of a current trend in Japan for the last couple years. I couldn't help but to purchase one of them for fun.
Binzento Vincente wears ElectroFur

ElectroFur concept promote "be who you want". The illumination of the fur garments catches everyone's eyes at parties or music festivals. They are definitely something to keep fashionistas happy even in the dark.. waaaaay better than glow sticks.

Glowing fur at Vancouver's Wreck Beach

submitted by guest blogger Julie Jingles:
...We started Spring off with a trip to Vancouver’s Wreck beach to watch the equinox sunset. There was still a chill in the air, so I decided to take an extra layer of warmth – my ElectroFur vest. As my friends and I headed on our adventure, a steady stream of people were coming and going up and down the seemingly endless stairs to the Pacific.

My friends and I nestled up to a log, cracked a beer, munched on our snacks and settled in to watch the waves, seals, surf and sun. There were people around us from all over the world and we could hear several languages conversing and laughing. It was a marvelous, relaxing way to say goodbye to the winter sun and welcome in the new longer Spring days.

As it grew darker and the sun slipped behind the clouds on the horizon, I turned on my beautiful fun fur vest. I love it when I do this, as it always draws so many curious, wonderful people to me. The vest created a warm pink glow that spread out to shine on my friends and I. Sure enough, in a few minutes I had two French girls, a German fellow and another from Vancouver all approach me to ask to have a closer look. People LOVE this glowing fur.

If I could, I’d wear glowing fun fur everywhere I went! It always makes people smile, and I feel so fun wearing it...

Why ElectroFur?

The ElectroFur blog will bring you interesting and newsworthy views from the company founders, but also from you sharing your experiences wearing ElectroFur. Every time someone shares their story, it always seems to crescendo into smiles ear to ear. There’s an underlying allure when wearing an ElectroFur. The power of attraction from the illumination is undeniable.

The first Experience...
When I designed the very first full-length Celebrity coat to wear at Burning Man, I suddenly found myself surrounded by onlookers with eyes so wide and jaws dropping with disbelief with what they were witnessing. I was unable to walk for more than a few feet at a time without so many revelers surrounding me. By far the most asked question was ”WTF”!? Many readers know that Burning Man is a place where imaginations are captivated by the most outrageous art, fire, costumes, and self expression; a large part of the experience. So bringing something to the party like ElectroFur was clearly something new. I recall many asking where they could find something like this and my reply was always “…hey, I just made this coat to wear for Burning man. I don’t even know how to sew…”

Soon after Burning Man was over, I decide to explore the idea of creating a clothing line that would recreate the electric experience I had. I wanted to bring this seduction of light, love, and faux furs to those who appreciate the powers of attraction and bring smiles to those around them. Afterall, can you think of anything so magical, so seductive, and so well received by anyone you encounter wearing anything else? I think not… ElectroFur is now ready to be embraced by you. We all should be so pleased to bring smiles to a world where there seems to be a short supply. We want to hear from you! Enjoy and …Glow in Style.

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