Welcome to ElectroFur!

From the original designers of the first commercially available Glowing fur clothing comes the next generation of design, style, construction advancements, and affordability. Our inspiration to create an experience like none other you’ve had wearing any fashion, compelled us to go to extraordinary lengths to create the finest illuminated faux fur possible!

Throughout our photo galleries you will find an underlying theme: “be who you want”. Whether you are at a music festival and dance the night away until dawn, or should you find yourself wanting to wear a full-length fur to the dinner theater that illuminates a classy aura accented on your collar. The approving smiles will never be in short supply.

After 4 years perfecting the science of integrating flexible neon lighting hand woven throughout the most luxurious faux furs available, it’s time you live this extraordinary experience that we helped design for you. ElectroFur - Glow in Style…